Tracey Cox Supersex Multispeed Vibrating Butt Plug

tracey-cox-supersex-multispeed-vibrating-butt-plugVibrating Butt Plug (£19)
Petite and unintimidating, this superb vibrating anal toy from Tracey Cox is excellent as a first time anal vibrator. The toy has four powerful vibration speeds that will rock your entire behind – the plug is also curved to give prostate pleasure too!

Triple Anal Beads

malesation-triple-ballsTripal Anal Balls (£16)

This clever little anal sex toy from Malesation is a sort of cross between an anal probe and an anal beads toy.

Three bulbous balls run along the shaft of the probe, tapered in size.

This silicone anal toy is flexible enough for comfort and manipulation but also firmer than most anal bead toys.

Malesation have created a winner with this unique anal sex toy.

Aneros DeVice Silicone Prostate Massager

aneros-de-viceAneros Silicone Prostate Massager (£49)

The latest prostate massager from the moast famous brand in anal toys!  Aneros have done it again – producing a uniquely styled massager that is a masterpiece of design.  Expertly designed to fit perfectly against the shapes of a man’s nether regions for maximum comfort and stimulation.  The ergonomic rippled shape of this prostate toy is guarenteed to please, hitting the p-spot every time and more!

Fifty Shades of Grey Butt Plug

fifty shades butt plugFifty Shades of Grey Butt Plug (£14)

A petite silicone butt plug inspired by the novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Firm, flexible, and unintimidating, this comfortable and aesthetically pleasing butt plug is suitable for those new to the joys of anal sex toys.

Personally approved by E L James, the author of the bestselling erotic novel.

nJoy Stainless Steel Butt Plug

njoy steel plugnJoy Steel Plug (£69)

The large bulbous head of this beautiful pure stainless steel butt plug has been perfectly angled to ensure ease of entry and maximum pleasure.

The silky smooth feel of the stainless steel is sublime to the touch, as well as adding an indescribable and erotic sense of fullness during insertion.

The nJoy stainless steel butt plug is available in different sizes according to your needs and level of experience with anal sex toys.

Smoothy Anal Dildo Prober

smoothy anal proberSmoothy Anal Dildo Prober (£6.99)

Stunning jelly anal dildo probe, fully transluscent, with a bulbous head at one end and graduated jelly anal beads at the other.

Although firm enough for insertion, the jelly material makes this dildo delciously soft and flexible.

Has an impressive near maximum 4 and 1/2 stars after 100 customer ratings at LoveHoney.

Large Jelly Anal Beads

jumbo jellyJumbo Jelly Anal Beads (£5.99)

A flexible and tapered string of extra large jelly anal beads that you can enjoy as a man or a woman, alone or with a partner.

Easy to insert, the beads begin small and gradually increase to jumbo size!

These Thai jelly anal beads are excellent value for money and are amongst the highest rated anal toys at LoveHoney.  Free next day delivery.



My First Anal Toy

my first anal toyMy First Anal Toy (£15.45)

The My First Anal Toy has been specifically designed for first time users of anal sex toys.  Simple and untimidating, this anal toy will nethertheless make a powerful introduction the world of solo bum fun with its sophisticated 10 function anal probe vibrator to play with.

The smooth contours of the probe will make for easy insertion for first time users.

Functions include foreplay, tease, arouse, zoom, wave, pulsation, vibration, random, racer, climax.

Simply Blown Glass Anal Plug

Simply BlownSimply Blown Glass Butt Plug (£59.99)

Not a beginners anal toy by any means, but this petite beauty will delight both intermediate and advanced sex toy users.  The 4.4″  circumfrence of the Simply Blown more than matches its 4 inch insertable length, ensuring a snug and full feeling inside you.  This pretty pink butt plug will fit securely and comfortably inside of your anus. The toy is easily insertable but its tremendously full feeling may make it a little too intimidating for complete novices.

Silicone Anal Beads

Tracy Cox Anal BeadsTracy Cox Anal Beads (£14.99)

A beautiful and simple anal beads toy from Tracy Cox – silicone anal beads that start small at the start and taper up for increasing pleasure!

The beads strike the right balance between flexibility and sufficient firmness for stimulation – making this an all round excellent and easy to use beginners anal toy – particularly for your first time trying out anal beads.

Premium grade silicone material is safe on the skin and easy to clean.